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My mother died many years ago. Her house is unoccupied because I'm executor and main beneficiary but too ill to handle her affairs. The council granted Council Tax (like property tax) exemption, but now wrongly reinterprets the law and demands 8 years' tax. Also it's pressuring me to apply for probate.

I'm pretty sure the council is wrong, but I can't find a suitable specialist lawyer. Also the Tribunals that hear appeals sometimes misapply the law, according to what they think it should have said. I can't afford to spend thousands and lose.

I have depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and heart failure which greatly reduces my life expectancy. This threat overwhelms me.

I'm retired, alone and can't look after myself properly. This is making me even worse.

My cousin liaises with the council for me, but hasn't seen how I live, and greatly overestimates my ability. He can't see that probate is too difficult for me.

He's allowed the council to think I'm far more capable than I am. He's the relative I'm closest to and this is damaging our relationship.

I'm losing the will to live. I'm too fatigued and depressed to cope with all the hassle.

I need my cousin to understand me. I need somebody to really fight my corner. I need the council to accept my disability and accept that they're wrong on the law and no tax is due.

I need to know what God wants in this and I need His help. I can't do it by myself. I believe He wants a good outcome, not a miserable end to my life. I need to prepare for Heaven, but this business is taking all my energy.

Received: September 4, 2023

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