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I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.


My prayer request is for financial help in general and I pray to do my part in-order to receive it. My second request to be at ease overall from all the pain that I endure since 2020 to the present day. My third request to have healthy strong self-esteem within myself overall. And, I pray to do my part to have it, maintain it and not let abuse or illness affect it in Jesus name. I pray to know where I stand with God in general without confusion, because of my faith in him and walk with him hasn’t been perfect. I pray to live righteously and purely by words and actions overall. I pray to my part to do them. I also pray to always be right with God like keeping my heart right with him in Jesus name. Another request is about the rapper French Montana, I pray that I won’t feel any type of way about him or anything that relates to him, by a rapper who want to perceive as all of that and such, and it just bothers me. Unless I unfollow French on social media altogether. He can live freely and beyond with money, of course. As for me, it's the exact opposite altogether. Now, I will get to the reason why I follow French, because he is supposed to help me to be known in general, it’s a long story and God told me, this is the person, apart of God’s Will. So I pray that French Montana the rapper will help me to be known overall and I pray to do my part to accept that help from him. In addition, I pray this rapper will be saved in Jesus name. I pray that French Montana the rapper will have a meet and greet event in NYC this year and I pray that he will decide to do it, so I can meet him. Until then, I pray that time will go by fast for me overall.

Received: June 14, 2021

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