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In the bible story of JOB, the devil asked permission to attack him. Eventually God removed the devil from Job. God let the devil on me decades ago but unlike Job he has forgotten to remove the devil from me. Satan was allowed to put supernatural blocks on my progress. My life has been stagnation, loneliness, no friends, no wife, no fruit, failure, broken dreams. My faith in God's existence and his love has taken a hit. In my empty brokenness I've succumbed to sin. I've been forced to watch others live abundant blessed lives (Marriage, career, vacations, success) while I have been stuck and sad. I see my peers from high school on facebook with families, houses, etc. I see my brother and sisters living large. I see generations pass me by as my brother and sister's daughters graduate college, get married, have kids, buy their first house, but me? Still stuck. Forced to watch others get, experience, & live the life I repeatedly pray for but never attain. It's hellacious. I pray God restores the years the locust have eaten.

Received: June 2, 2022

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